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Joy Jumping
Acoustic Grace 2019
St. Patty's
Friends Christmas Caroling '18
Lunch Ladies Jan '19
Friends Dec '18
Acoustic Grace Dec 23 '19
Good Cheer Dec 2018
Caroling 2018
Good Cheer II Dec. 2018
New Family 2018
How Tall 2018
Veteran's Day II 2018
Grateful Hearts 2018
Special Friend 2018
Veteran's Day 2018
Zion 2018 Christmas Program
Angel and WiseWoman
Mary, Joseph and Angels
Acoustic Grace in Irvine Park 2018
Card Making at Hallie Aug. 2018
Lunch Ladies Smile August 2018
Zion Congregation 1
Children's Time
Baby at Zion
Lunch Ladies at 430
Ladies in a Pew
Smiles 2
Zion Worship Building w flower 2018
Lea Family and Patty Boeve Sloppy Joe Luncheon Apr 22 2018
Neri Scholarship 2018
Grandma Sue
Acoustic Grace
Children's Time may 6 2018
Fellowship Time Table
Zion Leprechauns
Illa and Jack May 6 2018
Drummer Boy
Ring Bells
Hallie Exterior 2018
The Good Bad Faithful w Illa 2018
The Good Bad Faithful w Grace 2018

Welcome to Zion and Hallie
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where our missions are to:

"Joyfully S
hare the
Good News of Jesus"
and to
"Share the Joy of God's Love"

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Acoustic Grace - Feature 

As we begin the hopeful season of Advent, we'd like to share our recording of "I Thank You Jesus," written by Bob Stromberg and Peder Eide.  

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